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Elliot Sterling Kaufman is the letters editor of The Wall Street Journal. He writes opinion articles and for three years he edited them for the Journal. Raised in Toronto, he lives in New York.


Some Articles


"Will the Sun Ever Set on Anti-Semitism?WSJ, Oct. 22.

"Susceptible Minds," WSJ, Aug. 25 (reviewing R. Koganzon).

"Could the Crown Heights Riots Recur?WSJ, Aug. 20.

"Chabad Ministers to ‘Jews of No Religion,’" WSJ, Aug. 5.

"The Abbas Who Is Shaking Up Israeli Politics," WSJ, April 5.

"The Inflated Generation," Commentary, April issue (reviewing H. Andrews).


"An Explosion, a Relief Effort and Canadians' Enduring Gratitude," WSJ, Dec. 4.

"The Teachers Union's Tiny New Enemy," WSJ, Oct. 14.

"'We Found Our Outrage,'Jewish Review of Books, Summer issue (reviewing R. Landes).

"A Queens Yankee Takes the U.K. Quiz Crown,WSJ, April 24.

"The Socialist Evolution of Bernie Sanders,WSJ, Feb. 2.


"The '1619 Project' Gets Schooled," WSJ, Dec. 16.

"Political Correctness Claims a Tough Guy," WSJ, Nov. 22.

"A Mutual Misunderstanding," WSJ, Sept. 8 (reviewing D. Gordis).

"Jerusalem Meets Athens in New Jersey," WSJ, Aug. 22.

"Get Your Irish Up," Modern Age, Summer issue (reviewing M.B. Dougherty).

"Radical Kitsch Comes to Columbia," WSJ, April 15.

"Trump's Golan Strategy," WSJ, March 27.

"Omar and the Conspiracy Democrats," WSJ, March 10.


"Housing Deregulation in Progressive Clothes," WSJ, Dec. 21.

"Crazy Brash Asians," Commentary, November issue (reviewing W. Yang).

"Briefly Noted," First Things, October issue (reviewing P. Kix).

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"Dear Evan Palestinian," Commentary, July issue (reviewing Y. K. Halevi)

 "The Campus Intersectionality Craze," Commentary, June issue (cover).

-Became a podcast episode, a speech and a book chapter (forthcoming from ISGAP).


"Editorship and the Art of Writing," NationalReview.com, Dec. 1.

"The Power Rule," Commentary, December issue (reviewing E. Chemerinsky and H. Gillman).

"Universities Can Learn From Conservatives' Love of Humanities," NationalReview.com, Aug. 16.

"Campus Conservatives Gave the Alt-Right a Platform," NationalReview.com, Aug. 15.

"Are Conservatives Really Just Liberals?NationalReview.com, Aug. 10.

"For a Stanford Applicant, Perseveration Pays Off," WSJ, April 6.